42 Things You Should Know About Gluten Sensitivity

1. Everyone with celiac disease is gluten sensitive, but not everyone with gluten sensitivity will develop celiac disease

2. Gluten can cause autoimmune disease

3. Gluten can cause leaky gut

4. There are over 200 medical conditions that gluten can either cause, contribute to, or make worse.

5. Gluten is a common cause of unexplained iron deficiency anemia

6. Gluten is a common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency

7. There is a form of gluten in corn that can cause inflammatory damage

8. There is no such thing as a gluten free oat

9. Excessive gluten consumption can cause both excessive weight gain or loss

10. Lab tests for celiac disease aren’t specific and have a tendency to deliver false negatives

11. Villous atrophy can also be caused by corn, soy, dairy, and parasite infections.

12. Eating processed “gluten free’ food products is a bad idea

13. Some medications have been shown to mimic gluten sensitivity

14. Gluten can cause asthma symptoms

15. Vitamin C can help heal inflammatory damage caused by gluten.

16. Gluten can cause dizziness and loss of balance (Ataxia)

17. Gluten can cause seizures

18. Gluten is a migraine headache trigger

19. Gluten can contribute to testosterone problems in men.

20. Gluten can cause thyroid disease

21. Gluten can cause nerve pain and neuropathy

22. Gluten can cause 4 types of skin disease

23. Gluten can cause damage in doses as low as 20 ppm (1 breadcrumb)

24. Gluten sensitivity is completely different from a wheat allergy

25. Gluten can cause liver damage

26. Gluten can cause your gallbladder to malfunction

27. Casein, a protein in dairy, can mimic gluten

28. There are thousands of different kinds of gluten proteins found in grains

29. Sometimes gluten gets blamed for health problems that are caused by exposure to pesticides

30. Sometimes gluten gets blamed for health problems caused by other proteins found in grain.

31. Children with learning disorders often respond well to a gluten free diet

32. Processed food can be cross contaminated with gluten up to 41% of the time

33. As many as 92% of the people following a gluten free diet continue to have health problems because of cross contamination, processed food, and consumption of corn, rice, sorghum and other grains.

34. Gluten can be found in orthodontic materials

35. It can take 3 years to fully recover from gluten induced disease.

36. Gluten free on the label doesn’t make the food healthy.

37. The best way to lab test for gluten sensitivity issues is measuring DNA

38. Most doctors are as in the dark about gluten as the average person because the focus in medical school is nutrition deprived

39. Gluten can cause arthritis and joint pain

40. Gluten can cause IBS

41. The gluten free diet is not dangerous to follow if you don’t have gluten sensitivity

42. Gluten in cosmetics and skin products can cause health problems

42 Things You Should Know About Gluten Sensitivity

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