Boy with cerebral palsy raises £60,000 by walking 2,500 metres

A boy with cerebral palsy has raised more than £60,000 by walking 2,500 metres, inspired by Colonel Tom Moore.

Ethan Beadrow, from Manchester, set himself the challenge of walking 100 laps up his road before his tenth birthday – which is today.

He reached his goal with the help of a walking frame and has now become ‘famous’ after appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

He took on the challenge after hearing about fundraising hero Tom Moore, who decided to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, in the process raising over £30 million for charity NHS Together.

Ethan originally set out to raise £15,000, but more than tripled his target as donations poured in.

The charity he chose is The Care Workers Charity, and the money raised will go towards paying for funerals of care workers who contracted Covid-19.

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Asked how he was feeling about raising so much money, Ethan said: ‘It feels amazing to be honest. Yeah, it is cool.

‘It’s because people can pay for the funerals of the people who have been a victim to Covid-19.’

Speaking on a previous Good Morning Britain appearance, his mum Catherine said: ‘Ethan can’t stand unaided, he has to have splints on his legs, and he can’t walk on his own. He uses his wheelchair most of the time, or he crawls around the house, being up on his feet is very difficult for him to manoeuvre.’

His dad Ivan said: ‘He has collapsed a few times, but he just gets up again and carries on doing it.’

The family, who have six children, say it was a team effort with Ethan’s siblings helping do the filming, getting his walker set up, and cheering him on every day.

Speaking in the earlier days of the challenge, Ethan said: ‘It hurts when I get tired, but I’m over half way there.’ 

Boy with cerebral palsy raises £60,000 by walking 2,500 metres

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