Borderline Personality Disorder

7 Things I Wish People Understood about Borderline Personality Disorder

I was recently (within the past year and a half) diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s the main dish, but it comes with a side of Severe Recurrent Depressive Disorder, and a side of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I will be 30 in two months, and I am very open about my diagnosis. This is because […]

10 Things I Wish My Loved Ones Knew About Borderline Personality Disorder

To the people who love me with my borderline brain, I’ve been in therapy for seven months now and have only just uttered the dreaded words borderline personality disorder (BPD). This is my attempt at helping you to understand where I’m coming from and why I do the things I do. Here are some things I […]

When Your Loved One Has Borderline Personality Disorder

Personality disorders are a unique category in the world of mental illness. While someone with depression or anxiety may feel that they are experiencing symptoms that are different from their normal state, people with personality disorders often fail to realize that their emotions and reactions depart from the typical human experience. People with borderline personality […]

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