Cerebral Palsy

We were told our son had cerebral palsy – instead, it was a rare and life-threatening disease

Frankie had been very slow in meeting his milestones. He was slow to sit up, slow to support his own head, and slow to talk. Mother and toddler groups are always such a competition of ‘my child did this for the first time’ and ‘oh, my child did that’. After a while, I couldn’t help […]

Four-year-old girl with cerebral palsy learns how to jump after being told she may never walk

A four-year-old girl who had a challenging start to life is now jumping on her own – after years of physiotherapy. Born to parents Clare and Mark Smith at just 24 weeks old, Sofia was left critically ill after contracting sepsis – which meant she had to spend 102 days in hospital. She was also […]

Boy with cerebral palsy raises £60,000 by walking 2,500 metres

A boy with cerebral palsy has raised more than £60,000 by walking 2,500 metres, inspired by Colonel Tom Moore. Ethan Beadrow, from Manchester, set himself the challenge of walking 100 laps up his road before his tenth birthday – which is today. He reached his goal with the help of a walking frame and has […]

‘It’s a dream’: exoskeleton allows boy with cerebral palsy to walk and play

Boy, 12, takes Marsi Bionics-designed kit into Madrid school for first time Given the day’s importance and the many long months he and his family had dreamed of it, Jorge would probably have preferred a special guest appearance by Tony Stark, Dr Bruce Banner or Marshall the fire pup from Paw Patrol. Or, better still, […]

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