‘Immensely loved’ dad of three dies from seizure aged just 22

Dad-of-three Charlie Rice died from an epileptic seizure at the age of 22, leaving behind a daughter, son, and stepson, with a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for his funeral A dad of three has died unexpectedly from an epileptic seizure aged just 22. Charlie Rice sadly died at his home in Plymouth last weekend, […]

Woman with epilepsy left practically bed-bound by rare focal seizures causing permanent triple vision

‘It’s quite hard because I’m so bubbly and energetic, but most of the time now I’m actually in bed,’ explains 27-year-old Emilyjane Vernau, from Tillingham. Almost a decade ago her life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She adds: ‘I don’t think people understand the dangers of epilepsy, because it’s actually […]

15 things you only know if you have epilepsy

I was diagnosed with epilepsy out of the blue at the age of 21 during my final year at university. It changed my life dramatically over night and seizures continue to interrupt my life regularly. But it hasn’t stopped me from always seeking new challenges including further studies. There are some things I can no […]

Epilepsy Symptoms: Woman Had FIRES, Syndrome That Causes Seizures

Grace Hinchman was a healthy 20-year-old college athlete when she suddenly developed epilepsy — an ordeal that made it difficult for her to talk, walk or know where she was. Doctors called her case one in a million — or even more unique — for contracting and then completely recovering from a rare but catastrophic sudden epilepsy […]

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