Multiple Sclerosis

Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis Lesions and Depression Discovered

Summary: Researchers found significant functional connectivity between multiple sclerosis lesion location and the patient’s a priori depression circuit. Findings provide a novel localization of multiple sclerosis-related depression. Source: Brigham and Women’s Hospital Two major health conditions appear to share a connection. Multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that eats away at the body’s central nervous system, affects millions […]

15 Things To Remember If Your Loved Ones Suffer From Multiple Sclerosis

Has someone important to you been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)?  This disease can be hard for patients — as well as their family and friends — to live with.  Here are some important things to remember if you love someone with this disease. 1. They Value Their Independence Many MS patients, as the diseases progresses, […]

What Happens if Multiple Sclerosis Goes Untreated?

Multiple sclerosis drugs have been proved to reduce relapses. But some with MS still say no to treatment. In many chronic conditions, the way the disease will progress over months or years is relatively predictable. That’s not the case with multiple sclerosis (MS); while some people with the disease may be only mildly impacted over […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

From mental health and relationship challenges to finding the best treatment options, there’s so much I wish I knew 20 years ago. When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), I thought I was as prepared as anyone could possibly be. My grandfather had MS and my family and I were his caretakers, so I […]

Blood Stem Cell Transplant Could Reboot Immune System in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Summary: 80% of patients with multiple sclerosis remain disease-free for the long term following an autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Source: University of Zurich Every day, one person in Switzerland is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks the myelin sheath of the nerve cells […]

Scientists hail autoimmune disease therapy breakthrough

Study finds CAR T-cell treatment sends lupus into remission, raising hopes it could be used to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis Five people with severe autoimmune disease have become the first in the world to receive a groundbreaking therapy that uses genetically altered cells to drive the illness into remission. The four women and […]

MS reversed by transplanted immune cells that fight Epstein-Barr virus

In a small trial, immune cells that fight the Epstein-Barr virus have stopped the progression of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune condition that can lead to symptoms, such as difficulty walking, that worsen over time Transplants of immune cells that target the Epstein-Barr virus have shown promise for treating multiple sclerosis in an early stage trial. […]

Multiple sclerosis breakthrough as scientists reverse condition

24 MS patients were implanted with cells that target virus behind glandular fever Some 20 saw an improvement in their condition after a year, researchers found  The T-cell therapy has been created by San Francisco firm Atara Biotherapeutics Immune cells against glandular fever may hold the key to treating multiple sclerosis, scientists have claimed. In […]

Multiple Sclerosis Is Likely Caused by a Virus, Finds Study of 10 Million Military Personnel

The demyelinating neurodegenerative disease multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complication of infection by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), suggests a new study published in Science by researchers at Harvard Medical School. The breakthrough findings, powered by a gargantuan dataset taken from two decades of US military personnel, represent the culmination of years of circumstantial evidence showing […]

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