Parkinson’s Disease

Revolutionary Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Reverses Symptoms

The first patient to receive the cutting-edge new treatment describes it as “amazing.” But will it really mean a paradigm shift in treatment? For the first time ever, there may be hope for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. The disease, caused by the loss of nerve cells in the brain, results in tremors and […]

11 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s

Actor Michael J. Fox, now 61, has had Parkinson’s disease (PD) for 30 years. At first, he says he was like most newly diagnosed people: He didn’t know what to expect from a condition that targets nerve cells in the brain and causes problems with walking, cognitive function, and balance. So, what would he tell […]

Krill Oil Protects Dopaminergic Neurons From Age-Related Degeneration

Summary: Krill oil protects dopaminergic neurons from age-related degeneration, decreases alpha-synuclein aggregation, and improves dopamine-dependent cognition and behavior in lab models of Parkinson’s disease. Source: Impact Journals There is accumulating evidence that interfering with the basic aging mechanisms can enhance healthy longevity. The interventional/therapeutic strategies targeting multiple aging hallmarks could be more effective than targeting […]

Gut Microbiome at the Center of Parkinson’s Disease Pathogenesis

Summary: Adding to previous research on the gut-brain axis link to Parkinson’s disease, researchers discovered the gut microbiome is involved with multiple pathways in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s. Source: University of Alabama at Birmingham New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham says the gut microbiome is involved in multiple pathways in the pathogenesis […]

Exercise Hormone Halts Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Summary: Irisin, a hormone secreted into the blood during high endurance and aerobic exercise, reduces levels of alpha-synuclein and restores movement in mouse models of Parkinson’s disease. Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have shown that a hormone secreted into the blood during endurance, […]

‘Woman who can smell Parkinson’s’ helps scientists develop test

Scientists drew on 72-year-old Scot’s rare condition to help identify people with neurological condition Scientists have harnessed the power of a woman’s hyper-sensitive sense of smell to develop a test to determine whether people have Parkinson’s disease. The test has been years in the making after academics realised that Joy Milne could smell the condition. […]

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